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Superheroes in the Field



There is not too much to tell. I was raised on the Arledge ranch out in Robert Lee and eventually moved to Mineral Wells where I graduated HS. My dream was to be a ranch cowboy till I went to work for Parker Drilling one summer and loved the money. I decided I would do that instead and buy my own ranch someday. I told my dad back then I would sit out my first year of College at Sul Ross to put back money. A year later, I was drilling and had college educated men working for me. I would never see another poor day. Then came 1982. The biggest BUST most people had ever seen. I ended up working as a bouncer for Herb Graham out at the StarDust in Odessa, Texas waiting for the Oilfield to turn around. Eventually, it did and I went to pushing tools for Quarles Drilling for John Long. After that I went to work for several different companies and ended up at Basin Drilling until Grace Drilling bought them out. Eventually, Nabors came in and bought Grace. I became a District Manager for West Texas and then South Texas where I stayed until I made the move back to Midland and went to work for Patterson Drilling as the Area Manager for Midland. I started my first Con-sulting company (B & H) when I left there.  I am married to the love of my life Meg Blair, my partner in life and in business. Together, we have four great kids and two beautiful granddaughters and 4 amazing mini Aussies! We enjoy the cowboy way of life as well as fishing, golf and traveling.


I own two Drilling Consulting Companies, one out in West Texas and one in South Texas.


We started B &H when I left Patterson. My guys needed somewhere to go and they didn’t want to work for anyone else. We started Azavachy when we made the move to South Texas last year.

How would you ENCOURAGE Others like Yourself?:

Be a teacher to the young men out in the field.  There is a generation gap there. These young guys need some tutoring.

What is the biggest Challenge you have? 

Breaking into the new market here in South Texas where no one knows my reputation.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy Teaching.

What is your advice or business tip that you would like to share? 

Treat your employees with respect, pay the good ones what they’re worth and be very, very selective in whom you hire.

Mike Davis, Jordan FORD...World Class Service

By:  Jennifer Larivey

World Class Service…that is what you will receive when you visit with Mike Davis, Commercial Sales & Service Manager at Jordan Ford. Mike has been with Jordan Ford for 22 years and loves everyday he gets to provide sales and service to the communities he works in. Mike has an interesting background, he laughs when he says, “I came out of the oilfield 22 years ago when I worked in the Austin Chalk and I’m still working in it and I have the greatest job ever!” Mike still has relationships from his old days working out in the field. He has many clients that he provides this excellent service to. When asked, “How are you different?” He smiles and says, “Customer Service is my niche…You call on one person: sales, service, up fits, parts, collision…whatever you need…You call one person!” All of your needs are taken care by one person and that is Mike Davis. Mike explains that he can only do his dream job because of the great team he has to back him up!

When asked, “Mike, it is unheard of someone working in the car dealership industry for 22 years at one dealership…what is the secret??” Mike quickly talks of his bosses and owners of Jordan Ford. “Owners, Marc Cross and Mike Trompeter, are the reason I continue to work hard and love my job. Marc & Mike are very supportive and they understand my vision for taking ‘my concept of Sales combined with Service’ to a whole new level,”proudly says Mike. “I still cherish the story Marc told me long ago of his grandpa, who was his best friend, when he told him: ‘Sonny Boy, you go and give them $11 worth of work and take your $10 worth of pay, sooner or later they will see your efforts, and you will be rewarded.’ That’s just what I’ve done and it has worked out for me for 22 years here.” Mike said that he told Marc & Mike about the vision and niche market he wanted to create for his Commercial clients and they hired his teammate, Clary Lunday, who is Jordan Ford’s Fixed Operations Director. This allows Mike Davis to have his own department and to do what he enjoys so much.

Mike has delivered vehicles to his clients as far as Sydney, Montana. Mike will go regularly to his oilfield clients out in the field to service their vehicles.  Even though Jordan Ford is based in San Antonio…Eagle Ford Shale is our backyard. That’s not to say that Mike’s backyard extends throughout Texas.

Word-of-mouth marketing is what has expanded Mike’s reputation and business. “Our service is spoken of by many in the industry and it’s a big deal!!  Sincerity and 20 years of putting my cell phone number on my card is what makes Mike different,” says Mike. He is the only service manager that will give you his word and stands behind it and will be your contact to take care of you from day one!Sandra Hernandez with says, “Mr. Mike Davis, especially went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting with this purchase. Mr. Davis was very understanding of our needs and extremely helpful. I'm so happy that Jordan Ford has people like Mr. Davis on its team.”

Since his office is the front seat of his F-350 and it is seen throughout the Eagle Ford Shale playground, Davis says he relies heavily on repeat business and word of mouth.

His General Sales Manager Toby Johnson gave him the best advice on the first day he shook Mike’s hand and vowed to help make him successful: “Mike, it’s simple, you earn excellent Customer Satisfaction Scores from your clients and all else will fall into place!” Mike says he does just that by sticking to process, every single time, which largely includes ‘Customer follow-up’ that Johnson also encouraged him to do. He is well-known by his customers and he gets most of his referrals by friends and clients who had such a great experience and know that Mike stands behind what he says. Cody Katz with LT Energy says, “Mike has a willingness to accommodate any and all needs when buying a new vehicle. The attitude and service doesn’t change, his willingness continues after the vehicles are purchased.”

Distance isn’t a problem for Mike and he will take care of you anywhere you are at.  Above and beyond service is what Mike believes in giving to his clients. Mike is full of energy and passion for what he loves to do. He knows his product and he knows the industry’s needs. But Mike isn’t just a friendly resource to oil & gas clients, he also has helped many others. Forrest Thompson with Thompson Medical Supplies, says appreciatively, “My dad recommended Mike Davis because he started buying his fleet trucks through Mike. My dad asked Mike if he could help me out, Mike said of course. I have nothing but great things to say about Mike, he always had time for me and made sure to follow through with anything he promised. I will definitely visit Mike again when I need a new vehicle and will recommend him to anyone else looking for a car/truck.”  He takes his time to know his clients and builds relationships that last.

He talks about advice he got from his best friend, who is his father, when he got his first job as a mechanic in High School.  According to Davis, his father asked him to raise the hood on his first vehicle he installed an engine in for an elderly neighbor lady who was on a fixed income. As he did, his father gave him a hug and reminded him that regardless of the job being performed, it should be done with pride and always remember that your thumb print is on that job for a long time and to never forget that.

His clients say many times that they can’t believe that a service manager will give them his cell phone like Mike does. “Mike Davis jumped thru hoops as I changed my mind on trucks! He got me the truck I wanted. I have owned many ford trucks but the service I received on this one tops all! I will be buying more vehicles in the future from Mike Davis and referring many of my clients to him,” exclaims Lance Soele with  Mike says that he welcomes his clients’ calls because this gives them a head start on taking care of any service needs they have. His clients love that!  “Mike Davis was very attentive to my personal circumstances at the time of me being in the market to purchase a new truck.  He knew I was in the process of buying a new home and made great effort to bring me a truck at my location to drive and buy.  Best truck buying experience ever!” Ken York

It is outstanding service that keeps Jordan Ford’s business growing and it is individuals like Mike Davis that perfect its standards! Mike’s famous words are “Allow me to demonstrate what my “Total Transportation Solution” can do for YOU!”

For a Fleet vehicle or service needs, feel free to contact Mike Davis at Jordan Ford 1-800-520-6250.

Ramsey Garza...Bless Oilfield Services, Inc.

Ramsey Garza is the Vice President of Business Development for Bless Oilfield Services.  From operations to sales, nothing is new for Ramsey Garza.  As he follows in the footsteps of his father, RB Garza, Ramsey has a well developed work history working in the government sector, but chose to join his father at Bless Oilfield Services to be closer to his family.  Ramsey says, "One thing we pride ourselves on is the fact that we are truly here for the client.  We take customer service to a whole new level, where we are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If there is a service you need and we don't routinely provide it, we will research it and provide it the next day." 

Ramsey has said that recently they have taken their managers through a complete training to make sure that we all understand the importance of our mission statement.

Bless Oilfield Services has locations in Houston, Eagle Ford, and Midland/Odessa.  They specialize in tubular services, NDT inspection, reclamation, and maintenance Bless Oilfield Services has a great appreciation and respect for their clients and it shows with their mission statement, "Through committment, excellence, and innovation, we will deliver operational excellence in every corner of our growing company.  We strive to build long-term relationships based on trust and respect.  Toward this end we will not only value and appreciate our customers but embrace and live the idea that Bless Oilfield Services, Inc. is at their service."

Rene Martinez...Express Energy Services

By:  Jennifer Larivey

When you think of a Superhero, you think of someone who has Super Powers and is able to do things that no one else can!  Growing up watching the Avengers or Superman and other super heroes you want to be just like them.  Many times we run across in our lives, someone who has that Superhero attitude and just stands out above anyone else.  Rene Martinez is one of those people.  Rene has been with Express Energy Services for 3 years.  Before getting into oilfield sales, Rene says he has always been in sales.  Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, Rene watched his father and other family members sell plants at his family’s nursery.  He recalls watching his father talk to people.  “My passion came from watching my father sell.  I was a little kid and I couldn’t wait to talk to people and sell plants to those walking in,” says Rene.  “We all sold plants.  I am number 11 of 12 children and we were all out there working our business.” Rene’s attitude of hard work was instilled in him at a very young age by his father. Growing up he said there was only 9 years that he didn’t work in sales and that was working for a strip mine in Atascosa county.  He loved being around people and he said that working outside of sales was boring for him. He realized that he needed to get back to his first love, sales.  He began working for a dealership, Chaparral Ford and worked for them for 11 years. He received many accolades and was “Salesman of the Year” for 11 years. Rene says, “It is all about repeat and referrals…customer satisfaction and quality service.  I learned in order to be successful in sales…you have to know how to build a good network and be sincere.”

Even though Rene had a great record of customer service and sales that he still found challenges in the oilfield.  One of those challenges is “Getting that ‘First Job’ to show your work and that ‘Safety’ is number 1 for us.  We all want to come home to our families,” explains Rene.   He continues to explain, “One thing that I know they appreciate is, that when they call me, I ANSWER….I am there when they need me!  Sincerity is key.” Rene is known to go above and beyond his line of work.  “My company men know that I am reliable.  It’s all about being there when you are needed.  I let them know I work for Express Energy Services 5 days a week because it’s my job.  But I tell my company men that I work for them 7 days a week.  They know they can call me anytime and my phone isn’t going to be off on a weekend, “ proudly says Rene.  Herb with Herb Susilier Consulting has worked with Rene on some of the jobs.  Herb said “It was a real pleasure working with Rene.  He is very dependable and let’s just say Rene does more than what he has to.”

Rene says that what is most satisfying to him is that he loves what he does. He is grateful for the opportunities he has had with Express Energy Services.  He feels that what is most satisfying to him as an oilfield worker is “to know that someday in the near future the United States will be completely independent and the largest Oil & Gas producer in the world and not dependent on any other country.  Energy is important to our economy and we need to support those efforts.”   Jerry Bronstad with Wildhorse worked with Rene when Mr. Bronstad worked  with BHP on several occasions.  Mr. Bronstad says, “Rene goes above and beyond anyone else. We had several occasions where we had some other rathole companies wanting our work and if they had the job they would ask us for directions and they would get to our job when they could and then they were gone. But with Rene, we had excellent service.  There was a time we had some last minute wellsites and he would pick us up and take us to the site because he during the work he would make sure his guys were on task.  He would come out once a week to just check on the progress to make sure we were happy.  When his work was done he would check back and make sure that there were no service issues and if there ever was, which was hardly ever, he would make sure it was taken care of immediately.  Other rathole companies don’t do that.  Rene received all of our rathole business.  He’s easy going, polite and he gave great directions to our well sites.”

Rene’s winning attitude about life and living inspires many around him. Rene and his wife of 35 years have 3 sons together.  Two of his sons are graduates of Texas A&M University.  He has 5 grandchildren with one more on the way.  He believes and loves his family.  As a cancer survivor, Rene doesn’t take life as serious as most and lives his life to the fullest. He has a heart of gold and is willing to give exceptional service.  He recently purchased a 1963 Chevy Corvette and calls her “his lady in red”. He has a fun-loving personality and a contagious smile.  He says his other love is team roping.  He recently participated in the Pink Angels Cancer Benefit and won First, Second, & Third places and that night he won the high-point of the day.  He won a saddle that has great meaning to him. With the most sincerity in his eyes, Rene says, “Be thankful for everyday that the Good Lord gives us.  Everyone should appreciate their worst day and needs to understand that they may not have tomorrow.  Don’t take life for granted.  You cannot control your destiny.  Be positive and love life.”  This winning attitude is what makes Rene Martinez, a Super Hero to so many.