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written by:  Pearl LeStrade

Risk-Taker, Self-Motivated, Visionary, Pioneer all describe an Entrepreneur.  Being an entrepreneur is not easy and requires someone who is ready to take on any challenge that comes his/her way.  The most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they have run into challenges that caused temporary failure and the one thing that separates them from the rest of the world is that they are not afraid to keep moving forward.  They understand it requires movement to continuously pushing forward to grow their business.   Your forward movement  and the ability to look beyond challenges and dream big is what has made you successful in your company.  Innovative thinking and passion are qualities that entrepreneurs have.  It is your choice to be the visionary and move beyond the safety nets that society set before regular people.  You are where you are at because you work harder, smarter, and  push beyond the status quo.  Your vision as an entrpreneur makes the world better, brighter, and happier as you put your money on your wits and on your tenacity over anyone else's talents.  You can continue to be successful on your journey as an entrepreneur, be a mover and a shaker and look at only the possibilities.


written by:  Jennifer Larivey 

One of the greatest quotes on leadership is from one of my favorite motivational mentors, John C. Maxwell. “A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Developing those leadership skills can come naturally to some but most people have to practice. I have always believed that the first thing you have to do is become a servant. The greatest and most famous servant known is Jesus Christ. He took his disciples and showed them the way to being more than just a follower but to lead others when He left this earth. How many of us take the time to show others how to do a better job or mentor someone in becoming a better citizen? Mentoring and leadership go hand in hand. Many times we think we have to reach perfection before we even get started but we don’t. Don’t wait for the perfect moment in life to do it. Take the moment and make it Perfect. As a leader, many depend on your knowledge and wisdom but most importantly people watch you to see how you respond to different situations. As leaders, we are tested more than anyone else and we need to be aware of our actions. Being prepared as a leader is vital and you will heavily depend on your communication skills. Communication is a two way street, you can think that you are a great communicator but maybe you are just a great speaker but if no one is listening then the reality is that you may not be as great as you thought. Communication also requires a great listener. Listen to your audience. You have to know that you are reaching even the person who seems the least interested. How many times do we attend employee meetings and we look around to see maybe 5 % are truly listening and the others have been disengaged for a while? Make sure that as a leader, you keep your team engaged and interested in your lessons. Mentoring and leadership are challenging. But with the hope of wanting to show the way and being ready to step in and go the extra mile for someone will make all of the difference. Until next time…