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Inspiration in the Field...Oilfield Christian Fellowship

The Oilfield Christian Fellowship is a 501-C3 non-profit organization with an impactful mission statement for those of Christian Faith. This organization was humbly started as a few men gathered to pray and break bread together to support one another as Christian men in the oilfield. What began as two men, John Bird and Jim Teague, who gathered to pray, this organization has grown into thousands of lives being impacted by the message of Salvation brought to them through sharing their own testimonies. There is a range of professional men & women who are involved that not only share their personal encounters with God but also continuously give back to the communities that need them. You can recognize them by the pins on their lapels that have a Black background that signifies our sinful nature, the Red Cross that stands for the Sacrificial blood of Christ, White oil derrick that signifies the forgiveness and new life as a Christian, and the Gold letters spelling out “Oilfield Christian Fellowship” signifies eternal life. They use this as a witnessing tool. The other unique tool they have is a very important one and that is the Oilfield bibles that they hand out to the men & women that work on the rigs. Many members take these bibles to the rig sites to give to these hardworking men to read. Its cover is attractive to any proud oilfield worker and the treasure inside is most fulfilling…filled with the Word of God and the testimony of many oilfield men and women. It is truly inspiring and impactful to anyone who is looking for the bread of life. The leadership of this organization have truly taken their mission to share, pray and help those in need to the level needed in such a rigorous work environment. Many hours away from their families and friends can be difficult for anyone but safety out in the field is another concern for anyone at these rig sites. These workers need someone to lean on and to pray with and that is what these men & women do as there mission. Sitting in San Antonio with this great organization of men and women inspired me to see the greater work being done out in those fields that are in our own backyard. What an inspiring message they share with one another and as the scripture says in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”