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Oilfield Family

Enchanted Springs...The best Family Attraction!

What child or child in each of us doesn’t want to be a cowboy or cowgirl?  Well enough of dreaming about it... This is your opportunity to enjoy just that.  Enchanted Springs Ranch is an enchanted land full of Old Towne buildings and rugged roads, along with a hilly country land filled with lush streams and animals.  

What other place is there that is family-friendly and teaches young people about being a cowboy/cowgirl?  There is no other like Enchanted Springs.  Enchanted Springs is an 86 acre working ranch with an Old West Towne that was originally designed for western mov-ies.  Many movies have been filmed on the ranch.  It is located in Boerne, Texas and is considered by Oprah as one of the best family attractions in the United States.

Young girls get inspired by Pistol Packing Paula, the 6 shooter World champion.   Fun activities are happen-ing non-stop with lots of entertainment and fun wagon tours.  Enjoy a chuck wagon dinner in the saloon with great bar-b-que and a fun dance hall and live band play-ing the best Texas country.  Cash bars are open for adult beverages and entertainment.

An old western town right out of the 1800’s. The town is the perfect event location & party venue for corporate events/meetings, weddings, rehearsal dinners, reunions, team building, and birthday parties.

Enchanted Springs is offering companies a chance to try a fun, unique and innovative event location for team building exercises. Corporations of all sizes looking for a new way to help their employees improve their co-operation and ability to work together will find a set of entertaining, educational and customizable options for their next outing.

Located on 86 acres of beautifully breathtaking Texas Land, Enchanted Springs Ranch offers an extensive se-lection of enjoyable activities that help it stand out as an event location for team building. With games, competi-tons and even some educational aspects, they combine the spirit of the Old West with the basic principles of business, giving companies the chance to build on the trust and teamwork of their employees in a fun and unique manner.

Those who do business in the areas of San Antonio, Austin, Boerne, Fredericks-burg and Kerville will find Enchanted Springs Ranch is within extremely close proximity, while companies visiting from out of town have several options for nearby hotels with full amenities. Enchanted Springs Ranch also helps businesses with booking accommodations for the days and nights they will attend by locating the best hotel for their needs, and guests have the ability to fully customize their selection of activities according to their requirements and budget.

Businesses looking for an innovative and fun event location for their next team building exercise can contact Enchanted Springs Ranch directly or can book on-line at their convenience by visiting

  • Please tell us about your family

I'm Leslie and I come from a long line of oilfield wives. It's not really something I sought nor wanted. Growing up, I witnessed my Mother spend endless nights alone and my Father missed out on so much. My Mother never complained and made it look so easy but I didn't want that. Although, the heart wants what the heart wants. It was my destiny and I'm not gonna argue with destiny. My hard-working oilfield Husband is Jesus. We were meant to be and a 14 day hitch is a piece of cake when you have love on your side.

We have a 17 year old son, Levi who is a freshman at OLLU. He graduated a year early and as salutarian. Roman is our patient, game-loving 14 year old son, Jessie is our 2 year old princess and Chuy is our 1 year old baby boy. And we're not done expanding our family quite yet. We spend as much time together as possible whether it be eating out, having a movie night or random road trips. Family time is extremely important to us due to the limited time we have together.

  • How long has your husband been in the oilfield & what does he like most? (He can answer this)

My Husband has been in the oilfield for 15 years. He's always taken great pride in his work. And he's always striving for the best. He's a go-getter and doesn't stop until the job is done. He makes me proud day in and day out.

  • What company does he work for or what position does he hold with them (answer both if possible)

He works for PTL (Performance Technologies Logistics); a division of Chesapeake. He's in frac and holds a supervisor position.

  • What is the hardest part of living as an oilfield family?

Perhaps the hardest part is the time apart, which means missing out on the children's milestones. There's those moments that you can't get back; first steps, first words, graduations and so on.

  • What positive outcomes are there from being an oilfield family?

Most people would say the money but not me; it's the dedication, the sacrifice and pride that my Husband is displaying to our children. The values that my Husband is instilling in our children through his sacrifices. It's the respect that we have for him not only for being Daddy or my Husband but for being the best he can be.

  • What kind of activities do you do to keep the connection of family tight?

Phone calls, utilizing Skype whenever possible and daily pictures helps us feel connected when he's gone. And when he's home, we spend as much time together as possible. My Husband and I enjoy dancing, going for rides on his bike, having dinner dates and just being together. As a family, we like to go on random road trips, usually searching for the best burger. Amusement parks, Flea markets, just about anywhere that can strike all of our interests.

  • Is there anything that you do routinely to help with the distance?

My daily prayers help with the distance. It's the one thing I make sure to do everyday. My faith gives me the strength I need to keep it together.

  • What are your concerns for your family? What are your concerns for your husband?

My biggest concern for our family is the time that is lost. Children grow so fast and I want them to look back and appreciate the sacrifaces their Daddy made. My Husband's safety is what worries me daily. The long hours and lack of sleep are my biggest concerns.

  • What do the kids like to do when dad gets home from the rig site? (kids can answer optional)

The older ones fill him in on what's been going on and the younger ones just want his attention.

  • What are your long term goals as an oilfield family?

To remain strong, have great trust, and to always be flexible! Although, with our love anything is possible; as cheesy as that may sound.

  • How do plan out your day and keep balance as an oilfield wife?

I prefer to be spontaneous; as an oilfield wife, I believe that's the best thing to do. Plans usually don't play out so we just play it by ear.

  • What is most important to you and how do you accomplish it?

Our family is of the utmost importance to me; it's my job to keep them safe and grounded while Daddy is gone. I have to be Mommy & Daddy on most days but it's a small price to pay in return for all the sacrifices Daddy makes. It's the mere thought of him that helps me to accomplish this.